Not at the Shangri-La, Chengdu!

Shangri-la, Poor quality control here, don’t expect too much initiative from the management

After a month grand and wonderful tour of China, Chengdu was our final stop before flying out. So we upped the ante to what we thought was a top class hotel, even splurged on a club room at the Shangri-la, Chengdu. We thought we might depart China in style, what a mistake. Sadly the hotel built in 2007 is quite tired and in need of a make over, it is currently hardly 4 star. Our first room on a restricted non smoking floor stank of cigarette smoke. On our first evening we visited the highly ranked (on some Chinese reviews) in-house Shang Palace Restaurant, and contracted a nasty load of gastroenteritis. It was the case that management did take responsibility for the food poisoning, organised a visit to a doctor and overlooked the bill for the offending meal. But it was too late, once contracted, gastro takes its toll and we were only able to participate in a fraction of our planned Chengdu activities. The bottom line is that sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen, but you just don’t expect them to happen at purportedly 5 star hotels of the caliber of the Shang. Not at the Shangri-La, Chengdu! We had the distinct impression that management here was more intent in minimizing the impact on their brand than trying to remedy the disastrous consequences of their dirty kitchens on their guests. Now 2 weeks after the event, management has invited us to somehow morph 8,500 Kms from our home back to Chengdu for 2 days so that they can restore our faith in their brand! Hollow men indeed.
Room Tip: Try one of the other 5 star hotels around town. Don’t be surprised if you need to turn down a few unsatisfactory rooms before you get the quality you require

Stayed June 2012, traveled as a couple

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