Chateau d’Angkor la Residence Siem Reap

Chateau d’Angkor la Residence Siem Reap

As a result of a dysfunctional domestic airline system we had to drive all night from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap to maintain our tight schedule to get to Chateau d’Angkor la Residence . We had prearranged an airport pickup at the Chateau at about 7.00 pm the previous evening but it was about 4.30 am when we reached the hotel. We were a little concerned that our room might have been recycled and relet and we would have nowhere to have a nap to recover from the nasty overnight drive. Initially the local tuk tuk drivers became lost trying to find this hotel, which has only recently opened. We found ourselves at the “Shaddow” of Angkor and then at a very smart property called La Residence d’Angkor. But we finally found the place, which is quite central and handy, and thankfully our rooms were still available and breakfast was not too far away. All very convenient so we could see a quick road to recovery.

The “rooms” at  Chateau d’Angkor la Residence are quite amazing. We selected this hotel for a great price on Agoda ($70/night Vs the $270 at the desk!), its centrality, and some quite good reviews on a number of sources. We thought we were getting a one room suite but it ended up a large well fitted 2 bedroom apartment with kitchen. It seems that the stove in the kitchen is not yet connected to gas, but everything else works fine, especially the new washer dryer which was a boon after 10 days on the road.

The included breakfast was quite ordinary and some of the common areas could be a little cleaner, but the staff were very attentive, friendly and helpful. The hotel is also well located close to the main street through Siem Reap and good facilities are close by. A Luck Mall with supermarket is very handy and the Hashi Japanese Restaurant opposite the Mall in the main street is excellent and highly recommended. Overall, the Chateau d’Angkor la Residence is a great option in Siem Reap, especially for the family needing slightly more space and given some of the discount prices available.

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