Grand Chancellor Hotel Launceston

Grand Chancellor Hotel Launceston –>

 On a flying visit to Launceston we found it a little difficult to find convenient accommodation in the CBD. There is quite a bit of charming B&B in historical settings, but we were looking for a bit of value with good access. Many of the CBD offerings seemed to be entwined with cumbersome add-ons and spiraling prices. With the city pretty empty we were surprised at the relatively high cost of basic lodging. So it was on to the  Grand Chancellor Hotel Launceston.

 Some of the cumbersome add-on problem exits at the Grand Chancellor Launceston, costly breakfast, very expensive internet and extra charges for car parking. We were a little worried that we might get charged for having a shower and using the elevator! 

 But the twin room special on the first floor was satisfactory in a basic sort of way. Nothing fancy or particularly amenable about the room. The beds were comfortable and despite being next to the noisy elevator as well as laundry, a good night sleep eventuated. The room was generally clean although the bathroom was quite flush with dirty black mould.

 The special was reasonably priced and the free parking in the street and free internet at the coffee shop at breakfast next morning was not too hard to take. Overall the Grand Chancellor Launceston was a just a bearable option.

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