Navatu Dreams Resort and Spa Siem Reap

Navatu Dreams Resort and Spa Siem Reap –>

Navatu Dreams Resort and Spa Siem Reap  is the vision and creation of three Italians Manfredi, Maddalena, and Giovanna, who also own and operate a property, Navatu Stars in Fiji. The visionaries have brought original Italian flair to the unique Angkor environment and it all come together surprisingly well. The resort consists of a selection of well specified Grand Tour rooms with slightly more compact Explorer rooms all organised around a central bar – restaurant area. Everything about the rooms is first class, comfortable beds, pillows and a touch of style everywhere. The main facility also features a well appointed Spa. Given that Cambodia has some of the more moderate Spa tariffs on the planet it is a smart move to take advantage of the excellent Spa at Navatu.

Generally, most guests at the Resort are met and picked up at the airport or where ever by the management. And this is a good policy. We tried to find the Resort from another engagement in town and had a very difficult time finding the place. The place is “somewhere” south of High School Road. Just get the management to pick you up.

The open pavilion on arrival at Navatu Dreams Resort and Spa Siem Reap is an impressive introduction to the class and style which lays behind, in wait. Staff are expecting you, everything is organised, a fresh cool welcome fruit drink and a complimentary foot massage awaits. The pools in deep blue are inviting and the large central bar – restaurant is alluring and comfortable. Given the location of the resort it is easy at the end of a day of touristing to head for the swim and a cocktail and dinner at the bar. Siem Reap could be on another planet. For the adventures about town, the management has provided complimentary tuk tuks with charming and helpful drivers dedicated to each customer during the stay. Angkor Wat is an easy tuk tuk ride away and its ok to ask for diversions to see other sights.

Meals at the bar are an innovative blend of Khmer and Italian, and make sure you get acquainted with Manfredi’s fruit juice “shake”, a sublime blend of passion fruit, mango and banana. Keeps him going and gives one an incentive to stay around a little longer.

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