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Tarraleah Lodge Tasmania –>

 Tarraleah is a special place for some of us and the Chalet was particularly significant. The original Chalet on the edge of the Nive Valley escarpment was the exclusive preserve where the hoi polloi of the Hydro would insulate themselves from the hard construction work which was transforming the waterworks of the highlands of Tasmania. It was rumoured that the Hydro Commissioner, a man more important in the state at the time than the Premier Mr Reece, was in regular attendance. 

 That was in 1956, now in 2013 it is possible for the average Joe or even an inmate of the Village in the 1950s to book a night or two. The Chalet, now rebranded The Tarraleah Lodge, is not cheap but in the big world of exotic accommodation it is not overly expensive either.

 The Lodge has been significantly refurbished since the original construction in 1937 and has been through several owners since the Hydro. The current owner has furnished the place extensively in an art deco mode which is quite a good fit given that the building was originally completed towards the end of the art deco phase. The nine beautifully appointed rooms spread either side of the core dining and lounge rooms, with a spa and gymnasium a short walk along the ridgeline. 

 The night we were in residence it was the case that only one other low profile couple was also booked in. We hardly saw them and effectively had the run of the place to ourselves. There are no onsite staff and meals are taken at a café and pub just down the road. Actually, there are not many people in town and there is a lot of comfortable and exotic peace and quiet to be had at the Lodge. Not like the old days. 

 Wine and some drinks can be had on an honours system and wine and whisky tastings can be organised as required. Meals in the Pub and Café are adequate and something a little more exotic can be organised to suit.

 Some folks might find a night or two at the Lodge a bit underwhelming without five star service, but for us the place is serendipitous and brilliant. We did not want to leave and are planning how we can organise a coup to take over the place for a week. Just an amazing place for an exotic escape with good friends.

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