The Highlander Arms pub Tarraleah

The Highlander Arms pub Tarraleah –>

Whilst visiting Tarraleah, at the wonderful Lodge or in maybe an Engineers House, it is necessary to find a bit of tucker for the night. It is possible to cook in the houses, but it does somewhat defeat the logic of having a lost couple of days in the bush, especially when it is so easy to duck down to the local pub, The Highlander Arms pub Tarraleah. Actually there is not much else in Tarraleah, so if you need to eat then it is the pub or starvation. If you are staying at the Lodge it is possible with a little lead time to organise a gourmet meal — otherwise it is back to the The Highlander Arms pub Tarraleah.

And if you were thinking of something extra special up in the wilderness of Tassy, you might end up a little disappointed. There is nothing particularly interesting or unique or interesting on either the food or wine menu here, and possibly this is a bit deflating if you have gone out of your way to pay the price at the lodge. But that is not to say that the tucker or drinkies at the pub are not palatable. The stake and bottle of wine we had on the night were well cooked, tasty and represented reasonable value for money. The ambiance and friendliness at the The Highlander Arms pub Tarraleah are second to none and overall dinner in the bush was quite a nice night out.





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