Belle Vallee Local cooking

Belle Vallee Local cooking: is “wholesome” enough in rural France?:

Having wonderful pampered accommodation at Belle Vallee, we anticipated that a night of in-house cuisine might be comfortable and relaxing. Big mistake. It appears our wonderful hosts have been too busy managing their lodgings over 10 years to notice the flair and taste of local cuisine … this is France. The Belle Valle dining environment seemed eminently appealing and our host offered 4 of her best courses for the evening. The price, for France was a little stiff, but hey she was getting visitors from afar just to enjoy her fare.

The four courses; basic quiche (our sons do as much on the weekend, over boiled vegges and something which was apparently chicken chasseur, a random selection of everyday local cheese and an apple crumble a la uni dorm days. The repast was washed down with a cheap red from Languedoc which was sour and years past its prime

To say that this was wholesome English tucker really defames good country English cooking. And to suggest that bashing up a good menu in France is time consuming, given the amazing delicatessen fare is absurd. Oh and special dining visitors who come from afar just for this feast? Well one quick look and a microsecond of listen, impressed that the pompous English blowhard had lost his taste buds long ago. Oh, and did we mention the cat sleeping on the kitchen bench, where the food was prepared? Charming!


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