Belle Vallee Normandy



Charming in Domfront:


We loved Belle Vallee Normandy very much. The house and rooms are charming and very well looked after, and the surrounding grounds add a wonderful rural air. Victoria and Richard do an excellent job looking after the place and are helpful and kind hosts. Individual rooms are well set up and the whole place has a comfortable feeling of home somewhere, with the lounge room an especially convivial space Well it is someone’s home and we visitors are lucky to share it. The small negatives were the paper thin walls between the rooms which made getting up in the morning quite a communal affair. We also found the navigation from Domfront to Belle Vallee a little tricky and we noted that another guest became lost the same evening we arrived. It is possible to have an evening meal in the amiable dining room where the cuisine is acceptably wholesome, but adventuresome travellers might venture a little further afield for good regional cuisine.


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