Hare and Tortoise

Don’t hurry to Hare and Tortoise:

A purportedly Japanese restaurant chain in the UK with the sobriquet of “Hare and Tortoise! There may be some significance in all this race lost in Shingon myth, but it just might be a marketing gimmick for the British. A lost traveler in the isles might have expected bangers and mash and instead they would have found a mish mash of random Asian cuisines.

Apparently this place gets quite good local press. Well it shouldn’t. It really is nothing to blow a trumpet about. Maybe it is a London thing, but the Asian fare is way over priced by just about any other world standard. The smaller entrees fared quite OK in terms of flavor and presentation, a raw tuna maguro tataki dish was excellent, but the tempura prawn dish seemed bogged down with too much batter. Otherwise the main plates, unagi don, salmon teriyaki and gyudon really lacked definition. It was difficult to find the “black bean” in the black bean sauce and all the dishes seemed hidden in dollops of dried rice as well as being drowned in sauces which were overly sweet as well as being extremely salty. The final bill was quite a shock, and we would rather not go hurry back to the Hare and Torto

iseĀ  for a second helping.



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