Le Cheval Blanc, Loudéac


Busy at Le Cheval Blanc, Loudéac


 The tiny village of Saint Caradec where we are staying does not have much of a profile in terms of restaurant infrastructure. But the Michelin guide reassures us that a visit to the nearby town of Loudeac for lunch is worth the drive. After scouting some of the beauties of Brittany in the morning we make Loudeac a little after mid-day and select the Auberge du Cheval Blanc from to 2 offerings in the Guide. And lucky we were not a few minutes late, for the crush is extraordinary. Not a table to be had after 12.15, this place is really popular, maybe we have taken someone’s favourite table?


The rain has set in, so with not a lot of sightseeing options and maybe a visit to the Laundromat, we settle in for a 4 course 22 Euro menu, which looks to have a good deal of choice. Entrées of herring on a potato mash and a delightful asparagus tart set the scene followed by mains of magret de canard. Oh how we miss good French duck cooked the many ways, and this duck is brilliant. An assiette d fromages follows and while we have some great little cheeses in front of us the plan for 4 courses is looking a little optimistic. But then deserts have to follow. A chocolate mouse is very filling, but the crème caramel wraps things up nicely. A cheeky cote de Rhone washes things down nicely. A lovely range of flavours at a remarkable price, but now after 2 hours of luncheon, we need to deal with a weeks travel washing, somehow.




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