Les Dames Gallant Brantome

Les Dames Gallant Brantome: Oh my what a show!


Brantome just outside Perigueux, has a thing about certain Dames gallant. We were just travelling through the district at lunch time and certainly did not have the Dames high on our priorities when we secured just about the last lunch tables at a small bistot in Brantome which we discovered was called Les Dames Gallant. And certainly the mistress of the place was a very gallant lady. She did seem to have a couple of shadow helpers on occasion, but this lady buzzed around her restaurant with the utmost of amusement to the assembled hungry throng. Everything seemed unorganised, late, out of place and quite frankly chaotic.


Needing to get onto the road quickly we chose the menu de jour of 13.5 euros with wine and were then quite shocked to find that it actually consisted of 4 courses. Pottage of the day, followed by a pate de foie grass, confit de canard and apple and custard tart for desert. Two confusing hours later we joined a long queue of patrons attempting to pay and escape the charade. But actually the food was not so bad. Soup was fine, the foie grass better than average, the confit quite acceptable and the apple tart quite nice and all for a reasonable price. But oh my! what a show actually getting the lunch onto the table. Les Dames Gallant would have been amused.


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