Erreguina Hotel in Banca, France

Erreguina Hotel in Banca, France: –

Banca is a smallish French Aquitaine town surrounded by lots of Spain, up in the Pyrenees. It is very Basque and reasonably rustic. The Erreguina Hotel has actually been in the hands of the same family for 4 generations and we were fortunate to visit while the latest generation of son was managing the whole show leaving dad to cook and mum to check everybody in. All very convivial. The family have just completed a major extension of the hotel adding a swag of new smart “comfort” rooms, one of which we commandeered for a night. And rather good they are too. Plenty of room with great bathrooms, all maintained clean and tidy with the ever present touch of the newest generation of management. Apparently the existing “traditional” rooms will be refurbished over the winter, so there will be no reason not to visit this Basque stronghold. Up in the mountains the air was fresh, the food was good and the sleep just great. And with the beautiful Banca district making much of a range of great food products there are quite a few interesting and relevant diversions – starting with the trout farm and smoked trout.








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