Le Manoir de la Fabregues Estaing


Manoir in Estaing


The Manoir just outside Estaing is a charming and interesting old building. The building had been owned by the current owner for 6 to 7 years and brought up to a pretty comfortable level of operation. Given the nature of the old building some of the features such as the bathrooms are mildly eccentric in relation to the need for “innovative” adaption. A flood control dam on the bath/shower was a first for us. Service, sleep quality and the Michelin recognised restaurant are very good, with the small negative being the stale cigarette smell persisting in the fabric wallpaper – several years after smoking was banned from the rooms. The hotel is located in a rural area just outside Estaing which provides a lovely bucolic setting, walking with the cows. It is only a few minutes drive from the fascinating beaux village of Estaing – which is the real reason folks come here.


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