L’Hostalet at Argeles sur Mer – Wonderful




L’Hostalet at Argeles sur Mer


L’Hostalet at Argeles su Mer might be one of the best managed little hotels we have seen. Maybe the best “period”. Without a doubt L’Hostalet would be the cleanest and most spotless hotel we have visited. Not a mark on a wall anywhere and not a speck of dust to be found, just immaculate. The owner/manager just happened to be the “perfect host”. He was always handy and helpful when needed and was perfectly unobtrusive to our stay. The owner describes his hotel as austerity chic, which describes the place perfectly. No electronica and superficial distracting gadgetry, L’Hostalet is certainly not a 5 star property, but that is not what the owner brings to the place. The individual rooms are perfect, refurbished “just so” with authentic décor and superbly comfortable beds, linen and pillows. Bathrooms are lean and efficient. The hotel is located in a busy part of town but the double glazing puts a complete end to exogenous noise. More money is to be spent over the winter to quell any other ambient noise. A perfect place for a perfect sleep.


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