Como and the lake country

Como and the lake country:-

Leaving Genova behind, we moved on to Lake Como. The drive up was quite scenic, although the weather wasn’t the best. We stayed at a hotel at the lake front so were well placed for some brisk walks along the waterfront. It rained on and off for the first two days so we used the opportunity to catch up on laundry and look around the shops. The third day was fine and clear, even though bone chillingly cold, so we caught the Como funicular to the top of the hill to check out the view. The timetable seemed to be entirely unrelated to when the funicular actually went, so we waited 25 minutes after the scheduled time to leave.

It was worth the wait to get there – the view was spectacular. We wandered around for a bit but everything, including seemingly all the restaurants, was shut. Fortunately we spotted a motorcyclist stop beside what looked like a closed bar and restaurant, go in and come out with something so we went in and found both warmth and lunch. As we were a little early we got a table right by the window and had the most amazing view over the lake and across to the alps – all covered in snow. Lunch wasn’t too bad either.

Next day the weather was equally lovely and we had a superb drive from Como to Mulhouse through Switzerland. Swiss roads and driving conditions are the best in Europe. Stopped for a picnic lunch and admired the snow capped mountains, and then on to Mulhouse for the night.

We did not have much time to look around Mulhouse on this visit, but we did go to dinner at a local restaurant. The restaurant specialises in Alsace cuisine, which seemed to involve calves liver, jellied calves head in vinaigrette, tongue and other such delicacies. We were offered an English menu, which proved to be more difficult to follow than the French, and featured “crudenesses” with almost every dish. These translated as crudites in the French. In the end we played safe and ordered steak and chips, which turned out to be excellent.

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