Lotsa cost for not a lots at Tauranga

Our visits to the Bay of Plenty have been a bit rushed, so we decide to lay over for a few days and get to know Tauranga. The Hotel on Devonport looks pretty swish and central so we struggle through quite a deal of congestion to find the place. It is not easy and actually it is better if you find the back of the place and the car park. But none of this is made clear in the publicity. Our room is “not quite ready”, the manager will ring us “shortly”, which turns our to be many hours later. On getting settled in our suite we are immediately interrupted by a fire alarm, a portent? We have splurged on a suite, but are a little disappointed with the compactness, the bedroom is just a little alcove and everything is a bit cramped and tight. And then we seem to have lost out on location getting a room with not much of a view of anything. Internet is regulated and expensive and car parking costs another bundle, which is all a bit silly given the premium prices we have paid. Overall not bad, but maybe not worth the hit on the wallet.

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