Topaz Restaurant, Phnom Penh

Topaz Restaurant

182 Preah Norodom Blvd,

Phnom Penh 12301,



Phnom Penh by day can be a lot of hard hot work. One would like the evenings to be a little comfortable and relaxing. So how nice is it to find a restaurant just down the road of the quality and ambiance of Topaz. This place is at the top end of Luu Mengs amazing stable of Cambodian cuisine. Specialising with a French character Topaz is second to none for French and it would be hard to find quality like this with better value for money anywhere on the planet.

The Topaz environment is modern and sumptuous with staff trained just so, attentive but not intrusive. And the menu is amazing. Brilliant meats from our favourite Cape grim in Tasmania, but fresh seafood flown direct from France is a hard to pass. The fois grass is local and brilliant. We ramble through a chef’s selection. Fois grass, salmon, oysters, a bit of the Cape Grim, scallops, river lobster, pan-fried grouper. All so good. Is this heaven? Apparently it is just Phnom Penh and the cooking at Topaz is first class at prices unbeatable “anywhere.” Usually, we shun the wine list as a sidebar of extravagance, but there is value on the Topaz list. The difficulty is to decide where to indulge, one could resell some back in Paris and make a tidy buck.

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