Karuizawa- machi

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West : “Rambling but efficient”

There are quite a few Prince Hotel options in Karuizawa, so it is important to work out exactly where you are staying. The Prince West is on a huge site, with the Prince East over on the east perimeter. The site adjoins a rather large shopping centre and golf course, so it is easily to go the wrong way here. The Prince West is a rambling structure of large proportions with all the facilities. Standard rooms are smallish, but efficient, comfortable and quiet. Some reviewers have commented that the hotel was old and run down, maybe there has been some renovation since we found the place satisfactory. There are a large number of restaurant options on site and then there are quite a few more in the shopping centre and adjacent streets. Service staff try hard but language can be a little limiting here. Overall the big spaces here cope well with tour groups and the like, and maybe intimacy is a bit lacking.

Room Tip: Some rooms are a long walk from reception, if this is a bother check first when checking in.
Hiroshi Senju Museum : “What about the art?”
3 of 5 stars
This art museum is a fascinating modern concept. We enjoyed the experience, but maybe we would prefer our art “straight” and to be not so influenced by the environment. A personal choice really.
3 of 5 stars
This area is nice enough. A good place for autumn colours and the like, but really it does tend to get a bit popular and you need to trade of access with congestion.
2 of 5 stars
There are lots of places to shop in Japan. This place is not particularly unique or interesting, keep walking.

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