Poinciana Inn Darwin: defoliated

Flying to Darwin on barely 6 hours notice we found that very little accommodation remained available. The Poinciana Inn was centrally located and boasted tariffs comparable to the exotic resorts in town. Could it be that bad? Well yes it could. Arriving after midnight getting entry to our room was the highlight, after that there is really not a lot to say in a positive vein. Well it was located centrally. On our benchmark ratio of amenity to price, the Poinciana plumbs new lows. Our previous amenity/price low was the Kakamega Golf Hotel in western Kenya which had appalling amenity but a very basic price. The amenity at the Poinciana is not appalling but it is next to zero. Noisy air, tatty inclusions, mouldy etc, but the exorbitant price renders the place to the very ordinary amenity/price depths of the Kakamega Golf Hotel. It has to be said that the staff were quite friendly, but given how much dosh they had just extracted for so little they were probably laughing all the way to the bank. The lesson? Going to Darwin … book early.

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