Undara, North Queensland: Surreal in the outback

Undara is quite remote even by outback Queensland standards. It’s a long drive and the tour through the spectacular volcanic tubes is quite expensive. Not many folks go there, but it is a unique and special place. Accommodation options are limited and is also a bit expensive. So being so remote, we decided to go the whole hog and booked the top of the range Pioneer Hut. And we were glad we did. Not that the alternative accommodation, renovated rail carriages and all was bad, but the treat of sitting on our balcony, in the bush, in the early evening with a gaggle of wallabies for company as we toasted our claret, strawberries and brie was a surreal treat. The nocturnal birdsong was also something special while the night sky sans moon was just spectacular. The pioneer hut was comfortable and clean and we found the Lodge to have a satisfactory menu. Overall, Undara is a special place and the place is well worth a visit.

Room Tip: Don’t compromise, get a Pioneer Hut which IS in the bush. You will miss much with all the other…

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