Hakuba-mura, Japan: compilation

Hakuba: “Loads of fresh air”

4 of 5 stars

Hakuba is an exhilarating place to be, even in the early autumn. Wonderful setting with snow still on the huge mountains that form the backdrop, and there are just so many things to do. We walked to the top of the mountains, wow

Hotel La Neige: “No snow is OK at La Neige”

It’s a bit out of season at Hakuba when we visit, so why not try something a little different. No snow, no La Neige. The discount prices at the fancy faux Tudor La Niege Honkan tempt us. It’s not hard to find the place at the foot of the Japanese Alps and only a long jump from the Olympic ski jump. Our room is incredibly spacious and period appointed with two sitting areas. The single beds are small but comfortable. After a small technical glitch with our room the management immediately moved us to an even better suite. A rather nice personalized served breakfast completed the magic. Needless to say our stay was perfect and we only wish we could have lingered longer.
Room Tip: Watch out for the monkeys in the ceiling!
4 of 5 stars
Great treck through autumn leaves and then high alpine areas. Very popular walk at this time of the year with families of all ages and with a clear day the views are stunning.
4 of 5 stars

On a lovely autumn day with no snow on the jump, the arena was in full swing on the artificial surface. Most of the jumping was quite professional with good marks reached and the presence of colourful hang gliders just added to the vibe of the arena.

Gravity Worx : “Natural Italian, japanese style”

Off for a day of sightseeing around Hakuba and somehow we took the road less travelled up to the top of a mountain. After 5 hours of glorious but exhausting walks at altitude and a missed luncheon, we were in need of nutrition and refreshment and Gravity Worx was actually open at 5pm. Italian fare with that remarkable Japanese touch for subtleness in a charming and earthy little bistro with a friendly and helpful host. All the tomatoes and herbs were drying in house, and the herbs and breads home grown and prepared. The pasta dishes all very scrumptious with wonderful fresh herbs, without the slightest touch of salt. The quick meal hit the spot nicely. The 4 star rating is a bit generous really, the food was good and scrumptious in a nice way, but certainly not gourmet.






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