Bustling Buenos Aires

The amazing Air New Zealand has navigated us over the most remote air route in the world from Auckland to Buenos Aires in great comfort and rapid time. A favorable jet stream has cut our travel time to a bit over 10 hours and we arrive in BA on a beautiful autumn afternoon. First impressions driving in from the airport are that yes, the drivers are terrible, and the city is pritty scruffy – but maybe that is just the outlying areas. Our hotel is Poetry and is a treat, more anon. Next day stroll, getting the jet lag gone, introduces us to the charm, of Recoleta. Folks are friendly, sights are easy, food is cheap and watch that Argentinian steak it is just superb – and we thought we had it good with the wagyu back home! Oh an did we say the wine was a tad better than OK? It seems that the local taste is for the Malbec, and at crazy low prices, more to come here we think. And then there was the Recoleta cemetery, a bizarre place where the cost of the mortuary would exceed the value of the average Argies living residence by some extraordinary margin. A sad reflection of bygone ego, and yes Evita is still here.

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