Chumps at Chimu Adventures

Chimu Adventures stoops to smear its customers: Beware

 Recently we travelled to Antarctica on the MV Ushuaia on a cruise organised by the Australian travel agent Chimu Adventures. We have been treated appallingly by Chimu Adventures who have sneakily downgraded our cabin booking and then misled us further by dumping us in a cabin where the view they claim was recently rendered unobscured, when it is still obscured. When we question things they become aggressive, abuse and accuse us of a myriad dastardly deeds on board (after the event) and threaten to sue us in court.

But the worst of it all though is that Chimu Adventures would stoop so low as to impugn and smear a customer for a few bucks.

 Chimu claims that we use our … “profile on trip advisor as a bargaining chip in order to get your demands. … to get a “free” trip”. And then most stunningly Chimu claim that … “we are aware from several sources that this is often the way you go about things”.

 Here the Chimu lie is quite clear. They have constructed a lie to smear, where “several sources” have confirmed to them that we get “free trips” as a consequence of our “Tripadvisor profile”. It is an untruth because there never has been any free trips and there cannot be any several sources.

 The truth is that over more than 4 decades of travel we have never had a free trip or in fact asked or received any form of gratuity from anyone in the travel or associated industries in relation to our Tripadvisor profile as Chimu Adventures has claimed. Chimu adventures has created a lie where the impact is to smear and denigrate.

In their statement to us they also comment that … “admittedly, you have not raised this with us as yet”, which appears to contextualise their defamation as some sort of threat for future action or otherwise as a tactic to block us from actually suing them – but we are suing. One wonders whether Chimu used this type of defamation tactic before to quell consumer complaints? And will they do so again in the future?

 So the bottom line is that while Chimu Adventures can prevaricate about downgrading and the niceties of obscured view cabins, this banter is disingenuous in the face of explicit defamation for whatever reason.

 IF Chimu Adventures are sincere they will provide documentary evidence of the free trips, itemised, which they say they are aware of. They will also provide explicit evidence of the communications by which such free trips were asked for and subsequently delivered.

 But Chimu Adventures cannot provide any substantiation of their lies and defamation. Because there is no substantiation. The so called free trips did not ever happen. Chimu Adventures has constructed a lie to smear its customers, apparently for a few bucks. This appears to be the way Chimu Adventures deals with customer complaints, they have smeared us, they could smear you too.


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