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Our general traveling objective is to visit as many interesting brilliant places as time befits. For the most part we look for the road less traveled and we are keen to avoid the crush of high seasons, so a little inclement weather is acceptible. Our travel kit is pretty light and we dont have too much trouble picking up some replacements along the way. Internet connectivity is always a plus and our iPads and Air help us navigate and book our passage.

We are keen to travel economically, but plan to eat well and stay at the best, highest ranked accommodation available — for “the price”. We wish to see as many top spots around the world as time permits, but we also plan to emphasize the social dimension, taking in art, entertainment and culture along the way with good cutting edge food and relaxation at every opportunity.

We will be seeking out some pretty good accommodation, weighing guest rankings against price and location. In most cities good high star properties seem to be available and these will be relied on for the most part. There are several places where we might try a local hotel or a smaller boutique hotel in a rustic situation.

A smattering of smart restaurants is on the menu, but in most places we will be seeking out the interesting, authentic and sometimes cutting edge street food. We will shun restaurants for nourishment … probably preferring supermarkets to night stalking.

While there are sights aplenty along the route, we hope to take in some galleries, and even the opera in a couple of places.

Fundamentally however, in contrast to “Justin’s” passion in the CG, our eyes will never be shut to the issues and dynamics that we see along the trail. Our travels will always be oriented to be enlightening and will never be a trivial personal pleasantry.

We will be updating the Journal as we travel and we also look forward to comments and suggestions at/on various locations and activities. Good old catch-ups are always welcome.We will be flexible in terms of our route and timing and will use quite a bit of high tech, iPads etc, and online communication and trip booking facilities.

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